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The leader and host of The Playmakerz Blog Brand and Podcast is Darnell "The Playmaker" Sallins. Darnell Sallins is a native of Jacksonville, Florida. He adopted the nickname, The Playmaker in high school while playing basketball that was meant in a joking way, but it was after high school where the nickname started to become known from his acts of kind for other and sporting events. He is a sports fanatic. While growing up he was once called "Mr. Sportscenter", because he stayed current with all the stats. His enthusiasm for sports and knowledge from playing experiences and studying sports in-depth led him to create The Playmakerz Blog. He is the host of The Playmakerz Blog Podcast that features Hoops Talk and special episodes. 

He studies communications at Florida State College at Jacksonville then transferred to UCF and studied Human Communications

Darnell can be reached personally through FacebookTwitter, and Instagram 

Dallas Glenn is the co-host of The Playmakerz Blog and a freelance writer who is currently working in wrestling journalism and the academic field. He has published four pieces of his own research on the Social Science Research Network in the fields of Business, American Literature, and Home Education. Before entering into the Academic field, Dallas worked extensively as a wrestling and music writer. He had his own blog, "Glenn Knows (Absolutely Nothing)," and worked for the National Wrestling Alliance as a staff writer for their official website from 2016 to 2017. Dallas has also written wrestling coverage for Blasting News, the Camel Clutch Blog, Sports Rants, and PWNation. Currently, Dallas is working on the indies as Supreme Wrestling's social media correspondent and a staff writer for their official website.

Along with his professional writing background, Dallas has also had a successful Track and Field career as a coach. So far, he has coached over 30 AAU Junior Olympics qualifiers and 2 AAU All-Americans in the sport.

He can be reached for any business or personal inquiries on his Facebook page at 

Alex Al-Kazzaz aka The Bear of Texas, is a Sports Writer. He's been working as a Sports Writer for over four years. He's a graduate of the University of North Texas and has a degree in Broadcast Journalism. He is the host of The Bear of Texas Podcast. Alex loves Soccer and Pro Wrestling. He dreams of being a sportscaster and hopes to one day land a job as a play-by-play announcer. 


He is passionate about sports. He loves to write. He loves to talk. He loves sports. He's a gamer. He loves to travel. He's overcome so many odds in his life. He's open about things he's dealt with in his past such as bullying, struggles, depression, etc. Alex is the kind of guy who cheers you on and is a guy you can talk to. He's been there. He's a fighter. He can help. 

Alex is the host of multiple podcast: Cowboys Talk, Into The Net F.C., Rage Quit, and Wrestling with The Bear.


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