The Playmakerz  Blog Network

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Formerly known as The Playmakerz Blog Podcast rebranded to Hoops Talk. Covering everything basketball. 

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A Los Angeles Rams podcast hosted by The Playmaker, Darnell Sallins. You will get previews of upcoming Rams games as well as reviews of previous Rams games. Weekly looks at the NFC West Race. Announcing Ram Player of the Week each week. Predicting every Ram game as well as discuss NFL news and making picks for ALL NFL Games.


Who was/is the best person on the microphone in wrestling history? 64 man in like March Madness like tournament to crown only one as the best on the mic. Podcast episodes after set number of matches being decided to discuss results and opinions. Join the journey with The Playmakerz and Sports Way with Dray Day crew.

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A quick-hitting fantasy football podcast. Hosted by Tyler O under The Playmakerz Blog Brand. Tyler will give a succinct and calculated jump start on competition. Filter out the noise and get ready to dominate your league as you as Tyler O bring that fire fantasy football content in a tightly packed and concise podcast.

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Alex Al-Kazzaz aka The Bear of Texas brings a new podcast talking Cowboys. A lifelong Cowboys fan, Alex will give his thoughts and takes of the Dallas Cowboys. Telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Whether it is good or bad, Alex Al-Kazzaz will let you know about America's Team. How Bout Them Cowboys!!!


This is The Bear of Texas Podcast's Soccer Talk Segment! Welcome to Into The Net F.C. Alex Al-Kazzaz aka The Bear of Texas sits down with a fellow Soccer fan and embarks in discussions in topics in the unique sport of Soccer!

Rage Quit is the Video Game segment of The Bear of Texas Podcast! Alex Al-Kazzaz will sit down with a fellow gamer and they will embark in discussions relating to the fantastic world of gaming. Stories, experiences, favorite games, critiques, etc. You will hear a lot! Retro and Modern will be talked about!

Welcome to the Texas Rangers discussion segment of The Bear of Texas Podcast! Raking Around The Diamond presents high coverage of the Texas Rangers. Previews, recaps and news regarding signings, trades, moves, injuries, etc. If you love the Texas Rangers, this is the show for you! GUARANTEED!